Heal book by Pete Evans


Product Description:

Heal book by Pete Evans. 101 simple ways to improve your health in a modern world.

So many of us are looking for practical changes we can make to nourish our body, be more active and find meaningful connection – ways to be stronger, happier and healthier, in a fast-paced world.
In Heal, Pete Evans shares some of his favourite ways to live well – simple actions anyone can take to improve their health.Pete begins with what he knows best – food – and offers suggestions on how to eat and drink in ways that will support your wellbeing. Next, he explores different ways to move and play that are known to positively influence physical and mental health. There are ideas on how to relax your body and mind, including massage and meditation, as well as the best strategies for restorative sleep. Finally, Pete explores activities that promote creativity, self-awareness and connection with other people, which are all essential to emotional wellbeing.


Published: 25.06.2019
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Author: Pete Evans
ISBN: 9781760782627
Number of Pages: 288
Brand Name: Pan Macmillan
Article Number: 52795