Health Blends Blissful Birth Pregnancy Organic Herbal Tea 50g


Product Description:

Made from herbs traditionally used to promote effective labour and efficient delivery.  It can support pregnant mum’s and wellbeing during the later weeks of pregnancy.  This organic herbal tea is both nutritive & supportive.  NOTE – ONLY FOR USE FROM WEEK 36 ONWARDS. This tea has a refreshing taste with the a lovely blended scent of lemon, rosehips & raspberry leaves.   Raspberry leaf promotes effective contractions, so please only start this preparation in the later weeks of your pregnancy.

This bag of tea will make you approximately 50-60 cups (depending on how strong you like your tea).

Australian-made organic herbal teas.  100% natural and organic, hand-crafted & developed by a qualified Naturopath.

Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Alfalfa, Nettle Leaf, Rosella, Lemon Myrtle, Peppermint. All organic ingredients from certified organic supplier.

Brewing: Brew approximately 1 teaspoon per cup in a tea diffuser or pot. Leave to steep for 2-5 minutes. Can be served chilled.

How to use: Enjoy 1-5 cups per day in the later weeks of pregnancy. Can be sipped during the birth also. It’s very gentle and can be used regularly from week 36 onwards. Suitable for use as an iced tea if you prefer.

CAUTION: ONLY FOR USE IN LATER WEEKS OF PREGNANCY. Raspberry leaf is used to stimulate effective uterine contractions, not suitable early in pregnancy.



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