Health Blends Detox Me Organic Herbal Tea 50g


Product Description:

Detox Me combines herbs that traditionally help support both detoxification & replenishment of your detox organs (like the liver). Alkalizing and refreshing, Detox Me herbal tea is a great to have as your “every day cuppa”. It’s also the perfect addition to a detox regime, weight loss plan or general healthy eating program. This tea uses the natural healing power of herbs to provide you a gentle yet effective detox solution.

Australian-made organic herbal teas.  100% natural and organic, hand-crafted & developed by a qualified Naturopath.

Ingredients: St Marys Thistle, Red Clover, Calendula, Dandelion Leaf, Nettle, Spearmint, Burdock, Fennel.

Brewing: Brew approximately 1 teaspoon per cup in a tea diffuser or pot. Leave to steep for 2-5 minutes. Can be served chilled.

How to use: Enjoy 1 -3 cups per day.



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