Nutra Organics Mermaid Latte (Spirulina & Sea Minerals – Blue Matcha Chai) 90g Powder



This Nutra Organics Mermaid Latte powder can be mixed with any type of milk to make a full-bodied chai latte that combines Coconut Milk, sea minerals, blue superfoods, adaptogenic herbs and chai spices to create a dazzling, exotic, marine-blue beverage. Naturally sweetened with Manuka Honey, it has an additional flavour hit of spice thanks to Clove and Star Anise.

An ideal alternative to coffee, this nourishing drink draws on Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine to include Matcha Butterfly Pea Flower, which is rich in beneficial antioxidants, flavonoids and peptides, along with Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng, Licorice Root and Milk Thistle, which are adaptogenic herbs known for their relaxing, calming properties. It also contains Arctic Sea Algae, which contains high levels of marine minerals such as calcium and iodine and is rich in chlorophyll, and naturally-occuring Blue Spirulina, which gives Nutra Organics Mermaid Latte its amazing blue colour.

It can safely be enjoyed by all age groups, including those who are pregnant or lactating.

Australian owned and operated. Certified Organic ingredients, Cruelty-free




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