Nutra Organics Thriving Protein (Organic Pea Rice Blend) Smooth Vanilla 450g


Product Description:

This Nutra Organics Thriving Protein in Smooth Vanilla is a unique, raw, plant-based protein powder that blends into a delicious, creamy serve of clean, wholefood nutrition suitable for the whole family. Formulated with sprouted & bio-fermented organic Pea Protein and organic Whole Brown Rice Protein, it is readily bio-available and contains a special, bio-fermented pre- & probiotic blend to make it easily digestible as it supports gut health. A combination of beneficial, certified organic ingredients, this live superfood is naturally flavoured and sweetened, and is suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A rich source of Protein, which is a vital building block for body tissue, including muscles and bones, it also contains Folate, which is essential during pregnancy and is needed for children’s growth and development. In addition, it offers an extensive range of vitamins, including Vitamin D Mushroom Powder, a full Amino Acid profile, and contains Aquamin Marine Mineral Complex, which is a unique Marine multimineral complex that is high in bioactive Calcium and Magnesium together with 72 other marine-sourced trace minerals.

Australian made and owned. Vegan.


Directions: Mix 2-3 heaped tablespoons (30 g) into 300-350 ml water, full cream milk or milk alternative depending on desired strength. Alternatively, add to your favourite smoothie for a protein boost, or sprinkle on cereal, fruit or yoghurt. Bake into your favourite slice or muffins.




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