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Post Natal Fatigue

What is Post Natal Fatigue? Fatigue is a word that new mums know well. Fresh new baby snuggles, deepened love, sleep deprivation and nutritional needs a plenty, we experience these things and so many more when we become parents. During … Read More

Stress and Your Body

Stress, how do you feel just reading that word? A tightening in the body and a shallowness to the breath are the first signs you might notice. Stress is so huge in our modern world it’s become part of everyday life for many people. … Read More

Optimal Family Wellness Childrens Immune support

Natural immune support for children – cold & flu season be gone!

Supporting our kids through the winter is integral to the whole family’s wellbeing. With the right tools we can not only lessen the likelihood of constant sickness, but also treat colds and bugs when they do arise in a timely … Read More

Our story with CMV…

It’s one of those things you think will never happen to you. Until it does. Despite having two other living children, and a history of miscarriages, premature births and high-risk pregnancies, I had never even heard of cytomegalovirus, or CMV … Read More

Is detoxing important for your child?

This is a really important topic, because many of our children today are suffering with some form of chronic disease or condition. Whether it be chronic eczema, an autism or ADHD diagnosis, an autoimmune condition, allergies, anxiety, asthma, the list … Read More

Does my child need vitamins?

Making sure your child is getting the nutrients they need As parents, we dream of our children sitting down to healthy meals each day – vegetables, whole grains, proteins, fresh fruits, and healthy fats. Perhaps a jug of organic nut … Read More

The must-have natural remedies for every family

What’s inside a naturopath’s first-aid travel bag? When it comes to family holidays or simply heading away for the weekend, there are a few natural remedies I never leave home without.  More and more families are reaching for natural and … Read More

Tube and PEG feeding real foods

How to introduce wholefood nutrition to tube-fed children Hearing that your child needs a feeding tube is a daunting experience for any parent. Immediately the mind is filled with questions. What do I feed them, how do I do it, … Read More

Parenting a child with PANDAS

Personal insights on a holistic approach to supporting children with PANDAS PANDAS is one of the many conditions I’ve had extensive experience with as not only a naturopath, but as the parent of a child living with it. Like all … Read More

additives and adhd

Does red cordial really change your child’s behaviour?

And other questions answered about food additives, artificial ingredients, and ADHD In recent years we’ve seen the world become more aware of the dangers of too much sugar. But the links between food additives and poor health outcomes extend far … Read More